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One-on-One Adult or Young learners

Conversational classes Course, One-on-One Cambridge

Young Learners Exam preparation course,

or the Young learners Group classes course.

Conversational classes course (for adults or young learners)

These are one-to-one classes that focus on building conversational skills through speaking, listening and comprehension activities. You may register for as many classes as you wish per week. However, my personal recommendation is to schedule a minimum of 3 classes per week. The more exposure a student has to English within a week, the more his speaking and listening skills will improve.

Cambridge Young Learners Exams Preparation course

This course is designed to help Young Learners to prepare for Cambridge exams. There are 3 exam preparation courses – Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers / A2 Key (KET). Prior to the beginning of this course, each student will take a Cambridge placement test for Young Learners, which will help me to determine the right level for them. This test is free for all registered students. 

Group classes course (young learners)

Choose this class if you would like to enroll all your children, or your child and his friends, into the same Conversational class or Cambridge Young Learners exam preparation class, (2 to 4 children). Group classes are fun as they encourage student to student interaction. The result is that each of the students in the group benefit more from the classes as they have friends or siblings to continue practicing with at home.  

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